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Share information with wikis, blogs, discussion boards.
Wikis can post notes, private data and make it private
Full year field test 98percent came back started with 100 teachers in district
Open invitation to use share point
Teacher has web presence kids use password to access info from home

HAND IN DOCUMENTS FORM FROM SHARE POINT- not folders but a filter for that particular student. Hand in - teacher can edit the students work before returning, teachers have tablets so they can write directly on the hand in document and student opens it to see comments or corrections Set up for version history, in hand-in. Class level Training and support for this Sharepoint but not for Web 2.0 tools. Picture folders and gradually graduate to 2.0 tools.

Course outline

Discussion boards: Mind Storm was a project used for kids in first grade as team building and share to all and another more private discussion board among team members.

Must have a presence and standards, thoughtful responses but put parameters around the use of these discussion boards, if not students will use it unresponsively, others will see it without corrections etc. Discussion only post one question and let them respond, it not they will post many threads that you need to go through and it makes it difficult to read.

Book review: Post examples about book, why someone else should read it and rate book all make new threads for different books. Available from home and school. One column for rating and one column for author. Students can possibly add a picture through an attachment.

Can do it as a family unit. How do you handle?~ etc. and students and parents are cooperating with eachother. Thoughts are written on line for others to see.
We will use web 3.0 and its all free but Naperville owns the Moss 2007 under an education contract

Black board is used in Naperville for years. Purchased Share point for elementary schools and moved forward with it. Doesn't have testing or grade features on sharepoint as does Black board. Needed a mouse and its more than enough didn't need an elephant!!! Teachers go through a 3 hour course to if they request the use of Sharepoint.

Just read tutorials for changing discussion board permissions etc

Wiki (means Quick)

Tutorials can be put into this wiki for common knowledge building and video tutorials will be made for these instructions Blogs are public and call levels of privacy different names as reading journal istead of reading blog. Access is restricted to these sites.Alot of posting are done at night after school nothing can be altered because she can see it. Use teaching tools as its only as good as the kids who write it. Thoughtful about where this information is coming from. Great conversations on evaluating information posted on the web.

Carousel around the room. Here's how to do it on a wiki. 7 topics answer number in 3 minutes use online stopwatch.com for minutes on powerpoint

Can only post to a page one at a time. So have group pass bean bag to work on wiki. Check in or check out this is checked out so don't start typing at the same time. Can't create at the same time. Depending on application a discussion board may be better if you need responses on top of each other.

Server license is about $75.00 according to Brad Joliet's tech administrator

Bump up permission, if kids delete you can set up a "student contribute" so they can't delete by creating a new permission level and then modify it for your site. see directions on line for this. Permission for hand in -student and teacher are the only ones that could see it. Other students can't see or change the pages submitted. Increases reading and writing skills! Only shows 10 at a time but can click on 10 and see the rest of the comments past 10.Comments go live right away but posts have to have content approval pending or reject the post. You can go in and delete the comment but it may be too late by the time you found the comment. Teacher applys post and students then comment on the post. Some like to have students post first then have students comment to the student's posts. Blogs have categories that can be used for a certain genre or various class projects. Books can each have their own title and students can respond to that particular catogory.
Post settings to a private journal or public blog. How to make and use the differences between public blogs and private journals. Class template for teacher create private journal or public blog for them so teachers don't have to think about this when using sharepoints. Easier you make it on them they will buy
int o it easier. Manage posts, start out in blog go to manage post on the right, then to settings and then to list settings then click advanced settings and you can make it a private journal. Do the same for managing comments as you do for the posts. You decide what you want your students to be able to do.
Alerts are also nice when you are training new teachers

Creating surveys using sharepoint provides graphic results and individual responses depending how you set it up. Then export this information to a spread sheet and then edit it using a spread sheet. Look at individual answers from the spread sheet.Filtering through the data then make it into a power point presentation.Force choice you can see a pattern. Voting for President and or use for voting Abe Awards etc

Pod Casting links for share point check out codeplex open community for sharepoint. Video or audio pod casts. Creating you tube on your site while blocking other from using your site. Get Sharp.3sharp.com free look to see whats available Community clips is free. Test it out in a development environment.Uploading is quick and if it can't play with windows media player do you want to convert to silver light and it makes it easy to view.
Nice pod casting instruments to use for training recording audio and movements on the computer.