Use the resources below to find information for your Colonial Research Project. Research must be confined to the period prior to 1776.

1. Spanish Settlers (Florida and Southwestern Part of today's US)
2. Native Americans who interacted primarily with the Spanish (Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo, Apache)
3. French Settlers (Great Lakes, Ohio River Valley and Louisiana)
4. Native Americans who interacted primarily with the French (Iroquois Confederation, Algonquin)
5. English Settlers (Virginia)
6. English Settlers (Massachusetts Bay Colony---Puritans)
7. English Settlers (Pennsylvania --- Quakers)
8. English Settlers (Rhode Island)
9. English Settlers (Southern Colonies -- Carolinas, Georgia)
10. Native Americans who interacted primarily with the English (Powhatan, Wampanoagas, Pequots)


Please refer to books pulled for your class in your designated area. See one of the librarians if you need additional help with your research.
Link to: Online digital catalog


Grolier on-line encyclopedia
ABC-Clio: American History
Gale Virtual Reference Library (Colonial American Reference Library eBook)
Salem History


Southern Colonies

Small Planet: Colonial America Maryland,Jamestown, Georgia and Carolinas Overview of Colonial America 1607-1754: The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

History of the United States of America by Henry W Elson: Southern Colonies


13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies

Encyclopedia of Virginia

Library of Congress: Establishing the Georgia Colony

Exploring Maryland's Roots (Interactive Website)

Northern Colonies

Celebrate Boston: Laws & Customs in Colonial Pennsylvania (Use History tab to access information on 13 Colonies)

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project (multiple primary sources)

Native American Tribes

People of the Mesa Verde Region (Pueblo, Navajo)

Powhatan Museum of Indigenous Arts and Culture

Boston Children's Museum: The Wampanoag

U.S. The Iroquois Tribes

The Quebec History Encyclopedia: Iroquois Confederation

The Algonkian Tribes (Algonquin)

Easy Bib : Free citation tool